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Pitfall #5: Utilize references

Have you hired someone without a reference check? If so, an inadequate reference check could set you up for disaster. A medical office with unconfirmed credentials could be exposed to litigation.

Anyone can misrepresent themselves on a resume. Some can even eloquently tell untruths and conjure up great misrepresentations of the facts. Utilize those references you required from the candidate. Make sure YOU make the phone call to the preceding employer. You can gain a wealth of information from the managers' tone of voice on the phone and the manager's description of the candidatesí performance.

With the candidates authorization you can also perform a background check to guard from unfortunate mishaps.

Hiring the right person is the biggest benefit you can give to yourself, your staff and your practice. Ask yourself if you are guilty of any of these hiring pitfalls. If so, make a commitment to change your current hiring practices. The strategies mentioned can help avoid hiring pitfalls, and help you find the right track and the right fit for your practice.

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Top five hiring Pitfalls
Pitfall #1: Donít hire too quickly and out of desperation
Pitfall #2: Have a clear job description.
Pitfall #3: Prepare for the interview
Pitfall #4: Include valued members of your team in the process

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