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Pitfall #3: Prepare for the interview

Are you, the employer prepared for the interview? Have you reviewed the resume prior to the candidate's arrival in the office? Did you leave enough time in your schedule for the interview?

No matter what your position, surgeon, physician, or office manager, you have taken many years to train and prepare for your specialty. On a daily basis you prepare for meetings, presentations, and patient consultations. So don't fly by the seat of your pants when you interview someone to join your team. They are a representation of you and the quality you expect and deliver. Review their resume prior to the interview so that you can appear educated and interested about their background. If you don't appear interested in the candidate why would they want to work for you? Take heed of yearly job changes on a resume and be prepared to question this if necessary. Identify gaps in work periods, and inquire. As an employer, taking the time to be educated for an interview shows the employee your interest in your practice and your employees.

Of course, you want to give the interviewee an opportunity to be prepared as well. This can be achieved by presenting him/her with some information prior to the interview, such as your website. Then, during the interview learn what the interviewee did with that information. Throughout the interview you can have carefully planned questions to uncover the candidate's use of the information. This will give you a better idea of how the employee will utilize the tools given to him/her in their daily job. Allow the candidate the opportunity to speak as this will help you learn a lot about the individual. Remember, you want to leave the interview with a good picture of how this candidate will fit in the position and within the organization.

To simplify the process and make it as methodical as possible SpineSearch recommends making a S.O.P. "Standard Operating Procedure" much like a physician has a standard diagnostic procedure when treating a client. It creates an efficient, easy environment for the interviewer to conduct his interview.

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Top five hiring Pitfalls
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Pitfall #2: Have a clear job description.
Pitfall #4: Include valued members of your team in the process
Pitfall #5: Utilize references

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