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Pitfall #2: Have a clear job description.

Are you creating a new position? Has someone left your office and you are replacing an existing position? Have you written a job description? Is it clear and concise? Does it meet all of your needs?

A job description is a map for the employer as well as the employee and is crucial in the hiring process. Without a job description the employer cannot appropriately represent the job he/she needs filled. In addition, a job description gives the employee an understanding of their role in the office. Without this clarity a successful hire is left to chance, and the possibility of confusion, lack of productivity, and dissatisfaction is greatly increased. In writing and presenting a full job description the employer may ly uncover a specific skill set or expertise that may be vital to help maximize efficiency and profitability for the office. SpineSearch has a vast amount of experience in creating these job descriptions and can help a spine practice uncover ways to run a smarter business.

Take the time to create or revise a job description prior to a new hire. This will ensure the responsibilities of the employee are clear and concise. In addition, it will give the employer the opportunity to confirm those duties needed to run the office are being performed. It also gives a yardstick that is useful in judging if a new employee is completing all expected aspects of the position - both for the employer and employee. NO GUESSING!!!!

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Top five hiring Pitfalls
Pitfall #1: Donít hire too quickly and out of desperation
Pitfall #3: Prepare for the interview
Pitfall #4: Include valued members of your team in the process
Pitfall #5: Utilize references

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