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Pitfall #1: Donít hire too quickly and out of desperation

Do you feel like you need that nurse, office manager, assistant now? Do you feel if you do not hire someone now your office will collapse? Adopting the mindset of finding the appropriate individual for the job will help you avoid pitfall #1. Hiring a "Head Hunter" is a short term band-aid for hiring. The solution is your practice either takes the time for a careful search or alternatively engages a medical specialist firm such as SpineSearch for the complete search and the perfect fit.

When hiring, we are often in a rush to fill the position. However if you just think about how quickly hiring the "wrong" person will affect your business bottom line, you may take a step back and look at the big picture. Consider the cost of hiring and training an employee only to learn after a short time that he/she lacks the skills needed for the job. Not only will you find yourself back to square one but you will also have the arduous task of firing, and rehiring another employee. This will quickly lead to frustration, loss of resources and negative office morale. Don't rush an interview or candidate. If more than one interview is needed to determine the best fit for the position bring the candidate back again for another interview.

If you find yourself in a pinch, hire a temporary employee (very cost effective). You can accomplish this through word of mouth (from respected professionals) or by utilizing a full service recruitment firm, like SpineSearch. A temporary employee will help maintain balance in the practice while you take careful time and consideration in searching for a permanent employee to join your team. Adopting these procedures will aid in your ability to find the right fit for your organization.

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Top five hiring Pitfalls
Pitfall #2: Have a clear job description.
Pitfall #3: Prepare for the interview
Pitfall #4: Include valued members of your team in the process
Pitfall #5: Utilize references

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